Some of my favorite model companies

Posted Nov 16, 2013
Last Updated Nov 16, 2013

In this week’s encounter, the party must free the crew of a magic airship from a pirate town built from the ruins of a mountain fortress. I wanted to give the area a hodgepodge feel, like the pirates just slapped it together from whatever they could steal. So I did what the pirates would have, and built it out of models and terrain I already had lying around. I figure this is a great way to show off some of my favorite model and terrain companies.

The ship is The Maiden from WorldWorksGames. It is a difficult build, but well worth the time. It is, however, one of their earlier models, so some of the shapes and fold are a bit unrefined and fiddly and its missing an embedded color profile. The ring of magic was a mod I did myself. The ramp and trees are also from WorldWorksGames, and are part of their excellent TerrainlinX system.

The houses, observatory, and bridge are from Dave Graffam Models. Dave makes many top-quality buildings and models for outdoor and town adventures. I’ve built many of his models, and the shape work is excellent and always well thought out. He offers the Hovel and Observatory for free. Most of Dave’s models have multiple layers, so that you can customize the textures and placement of doors and windows.

The walls, cliffs, cliff tiles, and balloon airship are all from Fat Dragon Games. They make a wide variety of fantasy and modern models. I highly recommend their fold-flat items if you have limited storage space.

I use terrain and models from many different companies, but these are the big three. Never be afraid of mixing and matching, the results can be fantastic.


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