Technology and Design

Dominomics is being designed using the following technologies:

  • F8 framework. This rapid-development framework is specifically tailored to browser-based games. This framework is also being developed by Andrew Penry, and will be made public at some point.
  • PHP
  • mongoDB. This noSQL database is known for its tremendous speed and reliable scaling. mongoDB will allow for very rapid prototyping of new game features and snappy performance on the live game.
  • Neo4j A noSQL graph database. This type of DB is specialized for finding related items through a graph. It can quickly answer questions like “Which friends of my friends has a Firearms skill above 6?”
  • Nginx

The game is being developed for the cloud using heroku, and is running locally on a raspberry pi.

Every effort is being made to make sure that all aspects of the game are playable on tablets and smartphones. 



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