Player Attributes: Energy and Health

Posted May 28, 2014
Last Updated May 19, 2016

This article is going to be more like notes than a full article.

Note: All the numbers are rough samples. They will, of course, be tweaked during rule writing, testing, and balanced throughout the game.


Energy measures the number of actions you may take per day. You start the game with 10 energy and a maximum of 10 energy.

Maximum energy can be increased with permanent items, as a result of leveling up, as a prize for completing quests, and as a result of citizenship in a country with bonuses to max energy. Energy is increased through consumables (mainly food, but also items like coffee).

Maximum energy can not be increased beyond 30.
Maximum energy can not be decreased beyond 5.

Actions include (there will be others):

  • Working at a job.
  • Moving to an adjacent territory.
  • Researching a blueprint.
  • Fighting in a battle.
  • Recovering Health at a Hospital or Field Hospital.
  • Posting a listing on the currency exchange.
  • Managing a company.
  • Building a factory.
  • Posting an article.
  • Advertising a campaign.

Goal: Players will need to make the hard choice between being a civilian worker, a military fighter, a politico, or a hybrid of different types. There will not be enough actions in the day to do everything. I must make all three parts of the game fun. Being the owner of the largest corporation has to be just as rewarding as being the hardest hitter.


Health measures your fitness. You start the game with 80 health and a maximum of 100 health.

Maximum health can not be increased beyond 100.
Maximum health can not be decreased beyond 50.

Low health incurs penalties to working, fighting, etc.
High health may provide bonuses to working, fighting, etc.

Health is generally increased through consumables like food and medicine. It can also be increased by spending an Energy point at a Hospital. It may also be increased through rest at a Home, which can be augmented by permanent items. Resting at Home and using a Hospital have cooldowns.

Balancing Health and Energy will be an important part of daily play.

Sample Consumables

Food: shares cooldown with all other food.

Beverage: shares cooldown with all other beverages.

  • Coffee +5 Energy
  • Tea +2 Energy, +10 Health
  • Vitamin Slurry +50 Health, +1 Energy
  • Beer -1 Energy, -10 Health, some positive benefit I haven’t thought of yet.

Other Consumables: most probably have their own cooldown.

  • Adrenalin Shot +4 Energy, -20 Health
  • First Aid Kit +40 Health, -5 Energy

Sample Permanent Items

  • Home Gym +10 Health when resting at home
  • Day Planner +2 Max energy
  • Comfy Bed +1 Energy when resting at home (makes resting free, but you must remember to have 1 Energy to do the action.)


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